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Faug for iOS

Faug for ios:  FauG Game has been launched on the Republic Day of our country i.e. 26 January 2021. The game was supposed to be launched earlier but due to new addition in the games it got delayed and ultimately the launch was said to be on the 26th January 2 021. However, the game does not have all the features as promised by the founder of nCore games – Mr. Gondal. In an interview, Gondal said that the game has been launched earlier which is why the other modes like team deathmatch and free for all will be coming in the next update of FAUG.

Faug download for ios

The game has been launched on the Google play store. Hence only android users can download and play the game at the moment. iOS users will have to wait for the official release of the game but it is said that the company has been testing the iOS version of the game and will be releasing the FAUG game for iPhone and other iOS devices. So is there any other way to download the FAUJI game on iOS? Below we have covered all the information regarding faug on ios.

How to download Faug in iOS

Faug release date and time ios

Faug ios release date: As we all know the game has been released officially on the Google play store for android mobile users, but when will it release on App Store for iOS users? According to the sources, it has been known that the testing of the iOS version of the FauG mobile game is going on and the game might release in the month of February. The official announcement will be made on the Twitter handle of NCORE games. As of now, only android users can use the faug game download link to download the faug apk for android.

How to download Faug in iOS

Just like the android users had to pre-register, it is being said that the iOS users will have to pre-register themself to be the first ones to play the game. It is being said that the game will be launched on iOS before the next update of Fauji mobile. So, iPhone, Mac, and iPad users will have to wait for the official release of the fau G for iOS. But don’t worry there is another way by which you can download the FAU–G game on iPhone. Below we are going to tell you how you can download the game without using the App Store.

Download using Tap.io

iOS users always use Apple’s App Store in order to download any application or games for their devices. But apart from the regular App Store there are other alternatives of it too. Websites and applications like tap.io and AC market let you download any application or games of your choice on your iOS device. So follow these steps in order to download Fau G for iPhone.

  1. Firstly open Safari on your iPhone/iPad/Mac. After this search tap.io on the browser.
  2. Now open the website and search for FAUG in the search bar.
  3. Now you can see many results on the page. From here click on the topmost result on which you can see the pre-register button.
  4. Click on it and make your account if you haven’t made it already.
  5. Enter your details like your username password and mobile number and signup.
  6. After the successful signup process, you will be signed in automatically.
  7. Now you will have to click on pre-register and when the faug on iOS gets released you will be among the first ones to get the link of the game and you can download it directly from tap.IO.

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