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Grama Ward Sachivalayam Attendance App Download apk for Android

Gramawardsachivalayam attendance app is an Android application use for the attendance of employees of the state of Andhra Pradesh. As we tell you again in our previous article that gramawardsachivalayam is a very popular web portal with the launch by the Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh Jagan Mohan Reddy for the Welfare of the citizens of the state. Web portal connects the rural and urban peoples of the state to the government and nongovernment services related to the Welfare of Andhra Pradesh. The program has made the citizens of the state empowered and help them to know the minor to minor schemes and Yojana for the benefit of their own. The first and only kind of program launched by any state in our country so this thing made this program very special and very unique.

The most important part of this program is that it helps to encourage the citizens to use digital platform for availing any kinds of government services related to the Andhra Pradesh state. Because of that not only for the citizens but also for the Government employees this gramsachivalam program help to ensure the efficiency of work inside and outside of the government sector.

And because of this main reason this gram what sachivalayam attendance application is launched by the Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh for attendance purposes of the employees related to Andhra Pradesh government. This ensures the efficiency of work in the government department and save their time as well as money.

grama ward sachivalayam attendance app

AP Grama sachivalayam attendance app is launched by the Andhra Pradesh state chief minister Dr. Jaganmohan Reddy for sachivalayam employees who worked under the Andhra Pradesh gramawardsachivalayam program. This application helps to record the attendance of these Government employees and maintain the record of their in and out time off the office and also record the operating time of each and every employee of the Sachivalaya M program. This application is based on Android platform which is related by the government of Andhra Pradesh for the intended purposes of employees it has to record when the employee reaches the office and also capture the attendance of each and every employee of Sachivalaya M program.

This app helps to capture the attendance record of each and every Andhra Pradesh gramawardsachivalayam voluntary but also it records all the attendance related details of Secretariat employees of gramawardsachivalayam. If any employees work under this program they have to download this application on their Android mobile phone and need to give the daily and regular attendance details of their own.

Biometric Attendance-Instructions:

  1. First one of the Employees can enter the GPS and Secretariat CAPTURE in the app and then enter the biometric attendance in the PS Gary login in that app.
  2. There is no need to register the Secretariat photo and GPS every time.
  3. The first GPS recorded longitude and latitude.
  4. In case of registering biometric attendance in the Attendance app, the GPS Location must be ON on the mobile. Otherwise attendance will not be taken. Public Secretariat Clarification on PS Login PSs on the Public Secretariat website means Panchayat Secretaries acting as DDOs.
  5. This is because the details of all the secretariat staff will be DISPLAY as soon as it is opened in their login. I.e. PS who is the Head of the Secretariat. I.e. DDO ye.
  6. Also, all the response requests entered in the DA login will come to the PS login. The endorsement should also be written and cleared by the Panchayat Secretary.
  7. Although some nearby PS logins are registered by PS grade-5s, the senior panchayat secretary is responsible for that login.
  8. There is only one PS login for the village secretariat on the Public Secretariat website.
  9. Grade-5 Panchayat Secretaries have no special logins. There is no official information on this.
  10. Functional assistants also have no special login.

Biometric attendance for Secretariat employees and volunteers from today:

  • The government has directed village and ward secretariat employees and village volunteers to attend biometric from Monday.
  • Biometric attendance is no longer required to be registered in the same manner as employees of government departments. A special app has been assigned for this.
  • The gram sachivalaya panchayat secretary clearly stated in the instructions how to download the biometric app from the login.
  • Employees are required to register biometric attendance by 10 a.m. and 5.30 p.m.
  • Biometric attendance is strictly required in the morning and evening through the app assigned to them from Monday.

Gram wardsachivalam attendance app features

  • Gramawardsachivalayam. ap based on the digital attendance app for the employees to record theirs in and out time registered employees under gramawardsachivalayam program.
  • The most important part of this program is helping to increase the number of citizen using digital platforms for the availability of any kind of government-related services in Andhra Pradesh state.
  • This app is not only for the citizens of Andhra Pradesh but out of all the employees of government-related sectors full stop it in charge the efficiency of work in the government-related department and saves their time as well as money.
  • This app helps to increase the efficiency of work and inside and outside of the government sector.
  • This app is launched by the Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister doctor Jagan Mohan Reddy for the employees who work under the Andhra Pradesh gram Sachivalaya program.
  • This application is based on the Android platform which is related by the government of Andhra Pradesh for the initial purpose of employees.
  • It has to record the daily attendance of the employee and present and absent as well as the in and out time.
  •  It helps to record the attendance of each and every employee every day.

Gram ward attendance app Download

  • If you want to download the application first unit to go to the Play Store or the official website of gramawardsachivalayam program of Andhra Pradesh.
  • After that click on the download button to download the attenders application for an Android.
  • After the download has been successful you need to install this application on your mobile phone.
  • After the full installation you need to open this app and register yourself if the given process.
  • After that, you need to click on the login button and enter your login credentials like user id and password which are provided by the government.
  • After this process, you will be able to open this application and record your day to day attendance.