Amma Vodi App: Jagannanna Amma Vodi App Download

Jagannanna Amma Vodi App Download

amma vodi scheme is a flagship Program as a part of “Navaratnalu” which is announced by The Hon’ble Chief Minister, Government of Andhra Pradesh, under which the state government promises to provide education to Child/Children from Class I to XII by providing financial assistance of around Rs.15,000/annually to Mother of those children or any recognized Guardian.

About Amma Vodi App

Amma Vodi app is developed by the Government of Andhra Pradesh to provide home-based assistance to the citizens of the state. They want to gain the advantages of the Amma Vodi scheme. The app allows you to know the scheme’s details and apply it through it with easy-access design. The app’s user-friendly approach is easy enough to understand and work through for even for the new users.

Amma Vodi App Download

You can download this app from Google play store on your phone by using the following procedure:

amma vodi app download


  • Press the download button to download it in your phone

amma vodi app


  • After getting downloaded, you can access the application by doing a few steps to apply or register in this scheme.

amma vodi app apk


How to apply under this scheme using the application of Amma Vodi?

  • One can apply this scheme through offline mode
  • Visit the application and download the application form

amma vodi scheme app


  • Make the print out of that form and fill the required details in the form
  • As soon as you fill the form, attach the required documents, and submit it to the gram panchayat office or block development office.

amma vodi app 1


Feature of the application 

  • Secure Payment: The payment can be made online by transferring the amounts directly to the beneficiary accounts given by the guardian of the child.
  • You can know your application process, that is how much a procedure has been done after your application.

amma vodi app 2


  • The local language-this app is available in the local language of Andhra Pradesh so everyone can log in to this application for making registration in Amma Vodi Yojana to educate that child in school for making them illiterates
  • Easy apply – you can easily apply for the above scheme by downloading the high application available on Google Play and starting the further procedure as per directed or ok. You can ask the people who know this scheme for applying naturally.
  • Easy to contact- one can connect to the customer care if you have any doubts while filling it. You can connect to them anytime if you have any issues regarding the application or if your payment is stuck in the gateway.
  • You can quickly get where your applications are under process by searching your name on the application and getting full details of the procedure.

Benefits of using this application

  • One can save their time of going in a long duration in the cafe to fill this application and get it submitted
  • you can check where your application is stuck and try to make it much faster in a usual order
  • this application is in the local language so anyone can easily understand what is written and how to proceed with this app

So, this is the information about this Yojana application to make you aware of this scheme and facilitate you with more comfortable ways to make your child good in studies and make their futures bright.

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