App – Apk Download – Is it Safe?
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Smmsky apk: SMMSKY.CO free apk download is among the most searched Applications on mobile at the moment. Many mobile users who love to play games and enjoy the application on their mobile phones use SMMSKY.CO APK in order to get unlimited coins in games and other exciting pro versions of the apps. As we know Google play store and Apple App Store provide official applications only which include in-app purchases in order to get exclusive features for your apps and games. But many users want to download SMMSKY.CO app download 2021 which is not even an app it is a web-based application page that lets you get unlimited coins and apps. But is it safe do you want to get all the exciting features by risking your privacy and security of the Mobile device? Let’s check all the information regarding the SMMSKY CO app which includes its disadvantage, advantages, and how to remove SMMSKY.CO virus from mobile.

Disclaimer: Smmsky website might promote different sponsored sites that might inject viruses and malicious code to your device. Therefore it is not safe at all to install the application from this website and it might come to your iOS devices as well as android phones if you’re downloading the APK. The information provided here is only for educational purposes and has been taken from various sources on the internet. Viewers will be responsible for their actions themselves. App

There are many websites on the internet that provides applications for your device mainly android and iOS. These websites promise you to provide paid versions of the applications and games which you do not get for free on the Google play store and App Store. A similar website or web-based application as Smmsky. co which is a pirated app downloading website that provides you a collection of applications and games with extensive features that you do not get for free. But downloading from this website is not safe at all as it is providing you mod/cracked version of the applications.

Apart from this, you can use Tap Tap apk to download your favorite apps and games.


The APK file can be downloaded by visiting the link which is the official website ->

smmsky apk

How to Download SMMSKY App

  • Apart from this visit any apk store and search for SMMSKY app in the search bar.
  • Tap on the first result that you see.
  • Click on the download button and after downloading it install the application.
  • To install the apk, allow permission to unknown resources by visiting the settings of your device.

How to Use app?

  • You can use the app either by visiting the official website and entering the game or application you want to download in the search bar.
  • Click on the app you want to download.
  • Now click on the start injection button.
  • You will receive a survey, fill it. After completion of the survey, you can download the game or app.
  • However, you might also get a hijacker virus on your device which will Open pop-up ads on the screen of your device.

What is Virus

In simple words, it is a website that provides you with crack and mod apps for android and iPhone mobiles. This website is very dangerous as it provides applications and games which have malicious files & viruses. The app is a virus that is used to hijack your browser and steals your data from your mobile phone. This website is made in order to earn money from these applications by spamming continuously on the screen of the mobile device.

This hijacking browser virus opens multiple Banner virus on the screen of your device by getting installed in the form of low-quality applications on your iOS and Android devices. This is the main problem because whenever you visit any third party website you will have to face some explicit or third-party advertisement that opens in a new tab and covers the whole screen of your devices. This is a virus that needs to get cleared immediately otherwise it takes on the storage and SPAM to your device storage and OS. Therefore it is advised that you should stay away from the highjacker virus as it might infect your device.

TypeProvides mod apps with blended Browser Hijacker Virus & Malware
Danger LevelHigh Risk (contains a security risk to your device)
Symptoms Hijackers are automatic browser that redirects and pop-ups banner ads.
Distribution MethodMost iPhone hijackers can be found as built-in features inside other applications (usually ones that are free or cheap).

How to Remove Virus

In case you have downloaded an application from the website then you should definitely remove it as soon as possible by following these steps which we have provided below.

  • Most of the time the virus is a pop-up ad, on the screen you can see don’t show more alerts from this webpage dialogue. Below this you will see a checkbox click on it before closing that in order to close the ad.
  • In case the screen is not responding then shut down your mobile device as soon as possible and restart it.
  • Delete the app as soon as possible without opening it again as it might freeze the function of your device.
  • If you are using Mac then force close the Safari browser by command-option-Esc button.
  • Select the Security option and select the block pop-up windows option.
  • After this, no more pop-up ads will be shown on your screen.

Smmsky co review

This is basically a web-based application of 12 MB and gets the download from the various APK websites. The website claims to provide mod and crack application with pro version but it is a high-level risk application which includes browser hijacker virus for iPhone and Android. So it is advised to the users that they should refrain from downloading the application or visiting the web-based website to download the applications from it. The website provides a hijacker browser virus that breaches the security of your device and might harm your iPhone or Android devices too.

Is safe

No! You should refrain from downloading applications from the smmsky website on your iOS devices as well as Android APK on android phones. This Browser hijacker virus displays the users’ pop-up apps which cannot be closed easily. These ads mainly occur in the browsers of Safari and chrome. So these obstructive banners force users to click on them and redirect them to other websites that may contain harmful viruses like Trojan etc.

When you try to inject the cracked software on your device by using SMMSKYCO you inject malicious code or viruses into your device which is really harmful. This leads you to different websites which are sponsored and the application gets paid for it but using third-party application definitely get viruses in your device. So refrain from downloading any third-party application from the website.

Smmsky not working

Many users who download this app or visit the website may face several issues as it displays ads that redirect to different websites that might contain viruses on them. Therefore the users get the error message of “smmsky has stopped working”. Ideally, you should not download any applications from this website or download any APK from other Apk stores as the apps downloaded from this website might severely harm your device.

There are other websites like tinder++, io etc which might harm your device. Hence, refrain from downloading and using these websites and apps to download any data or apps. Many incoming searches include app, planet zoo, minecraft, xbox, pokemon go, fortnite, username and password & verification error.