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FASTag is an electronic device that is used to pay toll tax electronically while passing through the toll plaza. Basically, it is a way to collect road toll tax electronically without any time delay while crossing from toll. FASTAg is a device that was placed on the front side of the windscreen of the vehicle. Recently NHAI (national highway authority of India in collaboration with NPCI (national payment corporation of India) released the FASTag monthly pass. NHAI issued Fastag monthly pass through online mode user can apply online to get FASTag monthly pass from banks like state bank of India, ICICI Bank, HDFC bank, and other FASTag providers like Amazon. To apply online for FASTag please read this article we are providing step-by-step guidelines to apply online, nhai monthly pass recharge online and registration.


What is FASTag and How it works

It is a 10x 5 cm, rectangle shape, multi-layered tag, which is made out of good quality paper, containing chip and antenna inside its layers, it is pasted on the windscreen of the vehicle, and through Radio frequency identification method, the information is read at the toll plaza from the tag.

Fastag is a rectangular shape made up of paper containing many layer tags with chips inserted on them and an antenna. It applies on the inside of the windscreen of your car, jeep, bus or any vehicle. It works on a Radio frequency identification system, it is scan by a toll plaza scanner to collect the information and payment. It is very easy to know How to recharge fastag.

How to apply online for the FASTag monthly pass

There is a different option available to apply online for FASTag monthly pass NHAI official website provides the facility to apply online from their website and the user can also apply from different bank websites they are also providing FASTag monthly pass issuance through online mode from their website. So take a look at how to apply online.

  • first, open the official website of NHAI you can open the official website by clicking on the link given below

NHAI website

  • A website page will open you have to scroll down where you find an option of FASTAg monthly pass click on it.

  • After click over there you will be directed to another webpage and a page will open in which you have to select the toll plaza and enter the captcha code which is case sensitive and click on submit button.

  • after a click on submit button, a new page will open which will direct you to the home page of payment.

  • On this page, you have to enter the Tag ID of your vehicle and vehicle registration number you have to enter only one detail from these two then click on the search button.
  • Just after clicking on the search button, a result will show just below the search button if you had entered the wrong detail then it will show no result found so be sure while entering your tag ID or vehicle registration number.
  • NHAI has collaborated with ICICI bank so the payment page of ICICI bank will open.
  • Then selecting your vehicle to generate a monthly toll pass.
  • It will show many options for pass generation from the list of the option you can select the option which best suit you.
  • after selection desired option you must click on read and accept the terms and condition of the declaration page so must read it properly.
  • Then it will redirect you to the payment page where you have to select the mode of payment.
  • Different modes of payment available like internet banking, debit card, UPI mode, and the Credit card you can select anyone from that and enter the required detail of it.
  • As soon as your successful payment a pass receipt will generate you have to save and print/download it for further reference.
  • Now you can use it freely in the NHAI toll plaza to pass your vehicle hassle-free.

Hope you get how to apply online in FASTag step by step and understand properly. Apart from this, you can also check Exempted Fastag for Defence Personnel Apply online

Activate/Deactivate FASTag monthly pass

NHAI provides the option to activate and deactivate your FASTag monthly pass according to your need. If customers want to activate or deactivate your monthly pass on a particular date we can do so from the NHAI website. Here we provide step by step procedure on how to activate or deactivate your FASTag monthly pass so read carefully and follow the step.

  • first, open the official website from which you have issued your FASTag.
  • open your login page.
  • enter the required detail of logins like username or password.
  • A page will open where you have to select the Tag view option.
  • After selecting the Tag option select your Tag account.
  • enter the detail of your FASTag id and click enter.
  • Now select the toll plaza name from the drop-down menu.
  • Now a new option will show where you have to enter the date from which you have to activate your monthly pass.
  • Now select the button activate pass and click on submit.
  • The same process has to done to deactivate the account.
  • thanks for reading the article hope you understand it if you any doubt regarding it you can comment in the comment section.

NHAI local monthly pass recharge

Here we provide detail on how to recharge your FASTAg monthly pass if you have already a valid FASTag. You can recharge or renew your pass from the online mode of payment. Now follow the step to recharge your FASTag pass.

  • first, open the website of your FASTag provider eg you had bought from SBI then open the SBI  website.
  • Now click over the FASTag local monthly pass.
  • After that, a login page will open enter your detail and submit.
  • Now select the recharge option from the webpage.
  • select the transaction detail of your active monthly pass.
  • from here you can recharge your monthly pass by selecting the date of activation.
  • it will redirect you to the payment option.
  • You can make payments from a different mode of payment available there like net banking, UPI, debit card, etc.
  • after successful payment, your pass will generate from the date which you have selected while opting for recharge.
  • must download and print the pass slip and use it for further reference.

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Apply online sbi fastag

Like different banks of India State Bank of India also provide buying option of FASTag monthly pass.SBI FASTag is a device that employs Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) technology for making toll payments directly from the prepaid or savings account linked to it. SBI is the largest bank of India and provides many online facilities for different schemes governs by the government of India one of them is the FASTag monthly pass which was run by NHAI (national highway authority of India). To provide one-click pass generation SBI adds the option of FASTag apply online. Here we provide step by step method to apply online SBI FASTag.

fastag login/sbi fastag apply online

  • first, open the official website of SBI FASTag here we provide the link of the official website of it click below to open website.

SBI FASTag website

  • To login the SBI FASTag website enters the mobile number and password which you have made while registering.
  • Enter mobile number and password.
  • then enter the captcha code and click on sign in.
  • it will direct you to a new window where you can select the type of monthly pass.
  • Select the type and make the payment.
  • After a successful transaction, a receipt will be generated take a printout of it for further reference.

Here’s How to login SBI fastag and sbi fastag customer care –1033, sbi fastag agent login, and other detail so customers can get SBI fastag easily.

Nhai.gov.in fastag monthly pass paytm

User can get their Fastag by paytm by simply visiting the website -> https://paytm.com/fastag

Above we have stated how to apply toll plaza monthly pass rules, fastag local monthly pass, fastag monthly pass charges, ihmcl monthly pass recharge, monthly toll pass etc.

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