How to Apply Fastag on Car – Steps to put Fastag

How to Apply Fastag on Car

WHAT IS FASTag: It is a device that is used for toll payments automatically directly from your linked account it is based on the technology of RFID Radio Frequency Identification. It is a system that makes long waiting lines at toll polls lesser. Basically, Fastag is a device that collects toll tax in a very rapid speed it just scan the barcode over the fastag and collect payment directly from the customer’s bank account. It makes less traffic on road due to the payment process and also the easy movement of the vehicle on road. FASTag installed on the windscreen of your vehicle must be linked with your bank account. Here’s how to put Fastag on Car.

How to Stick Fastag on Car

Documents Required for FASTag

  • KYC of the customer is compulsory as bank account should link with fastag.
  • A vehicle registration certificate (RC) copy has to submit.
  • The application form of Fastag has to be submitted along with these documents.

Your account of Fastag can be open in two categories one is a limited KYC fastag account holder and a full KYC fastag account holder.

Limited KYC account holder full KYC account holder
The account balance limit is a maximum of 20,000.

reload of account limit is 20,000.

The account balance limit is a maximum is 1 lakh.

reload of account limit is unlimited.

Document required:-less KYC is required( address proof, vehicle registration number copy, and ID Document required:-full KYC is required (ID and address proof, RC and photograph )

Best position to stick fastag

How to apply Fastag on cars windshield properly so that toll payment should be hassle-free and quick. Proper position of Fastag is important so that scanning of Fastag at toll polls rapidly and smoothly. The tag applied on the car has a validity of 5 years from the date of purchase so its position can’t cause the driver’s view affected. Apart from this, earlier we have also made an article where you can check How to recharge fastag and get the Nhai monthly pass easily.

  • first buy fastag sticker from suppliers like SBI, Paytm or on the official website of NHAI.
  • After receiving Fastag open it and remove the adhesive paper from it.
  • find the center position of the windshield on the top side.
  • You find this position just below the rearview mirror.
  • Now clear the windscreen from inside and softly stick it with the windscreen.
  • Remember before sticking the sticker that the adhesive side should be on the outer side.
  • after fixing the fastag don’t try to reposition.

Do’s and Don’t

  • Do not reposition the FASTag once you stick it.
  • Do not apply FASTag on the dirty or oily windscreen.
  • Do not remove the FASTag once you affix it.
  • Do not use any cello tape or any adhesive to stick the FASTag if it not affixed just return it and ask for another one.
  • Always clean the windscreen before affixing the fastag.
  • The position of the fastag should be horizontal.
  • remember the adhesive side of fastag should be on the outside when viewing from the front of the vehicle.

The Government has made separate Fastags for Exempted Fastag for Defence Personnel, the information of it can also be checked on our website.

How to remove fastag from car

FASTag removing is a difficult task without damaging it and if you want to remove the fastag to stick it into a new car or vehicle be cautious while removing. Here we discuss how to remove fastag from car windscreen without damaging it. Here step by step process given to remove fastag of plastic material.

  • If you want to remove a fastag which is made up of plastic material then your task will be simple.
  • first, arrange any heating device to heat the windscreen without damaging it.
  • Use an air blower or heater to heat the windshield area from outside.
  • After fastag become slightly loose try to peel off from inside the car.
  • While peel off the sticker(Fastag) use any razor or sharp device.
  • Using a razor peel off any corner of the fastag very gently so that it can be removed without damage.
  • If the sticker cools whiling removing heat the windshield again until the sticker starts loosing from the windscreen.

How to remove fastag of paper material

Here we discuss the different methods to remove fastag properly and safely. Fastag can reduce the driver’s view and make the view slightly disturbing. So different methods of removing fastag are listed below.

Soapy water
Window cleaning detergent
Rubbing alcohol 
Baking soda
Adhesive cleaner

Step by step process to remove fastag from car:-

  • first heat the outer surface of the windshield.
  • Then remove the corner of fastag gently using a razor tip.
  • The loosing part press by the razor flat part and lift the razor and tag simultaneously very gently.
  • If it starts tearing try from the other corner.
  • Apply heat to loosen the fastag if it is not removing.
  • Apply adhesive remover on it to peel the fastag easily.
  • You can use Acetone and other solvents to remove the residue of glass.
  • If you want to place in new surface use adhesive and then affix it.

How to Close a FASTag account

First question will come up in mind why it is necessary to close fastag account and the answer is that if any customer wants to sell his vehicle then you have to close your fastag account because it is linked to a bank account and money will be deducted from your account unless you don’t close the account. Also the person whom you sell your vehicle can’t purchase a new fastag until you close your current fastag because it is linked with your vehicle registration number and only one fastag is valid for one vehicle.

  • Here we discuss the common way to deactivate your account.
  • first, get the customer care number from its website and we has provided some of the Fastag provider customer care numbers below.
  • Then dial the toll-free number of your Fastag service provider.
  • And raise the request to deactivate or close the account linked with the Fastag.

Fastag account is valid for 5 years after the date of purchase after that it will expire and your account will deactivate. If you want to close the account before its expiration. There are different process for deactivated your Fastag account because the different service provider has there own process to deactivate the account.

NHAI customer care number is 1033 you can call customer care and they will guide you through the process of deactivation of your fastag linked account.

PayTm:  You can close fastag by using Paytm app download app on your mobile phone and open help desk section and select the section raise concern for deactivating the account.

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