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How To Stop Corona Caller Tune

In the month of March this year, corona cases started coming up in the country. The government took several steps to prevent the spread of coronavirus. Launched lockdown across the country, through various types of advertisements and made people aware. Corona caller tune was also set to spread awareness on Coronavirus on all mobile networks. However, the most discussed is caller tune. This information has been revealed in the Google search trends August 2020 (google search trends august 2020) report. Let me tell you that since Corona’s collar tune started, people have been looking for ways to stop it (how to stop corona caller tune).

Initially, it was claimed in many social media posts that pressing the number 1 button will turn off the caller tune, but this has not happened. Now almost six months are nearing completion and people are still asking Google how to remove the corona caller tune. This has been revealed by the Google search trend August 2020 report. According to the report, the top 5 questions asked by Google in August 2020 include the question of removing the caller tune. The special thing is that most searches have been done on how to stop corona caller tune in jio on Jio network.

These tricks adopted by the users

Many people want to avoid the coronavirus caller tune heard on the phone or skip it, but due to not knowing the right way, they are unable to do so. Let me tell you that the step we are going to tell you was not available initially, but after so many days, now the option of skipping the caller tune has started coming. Let us know that this trick is not being told by the company but after being adopted by some users themselves.

amitabh bachchan corona caller tune

Whose voice is in the caller tune of coronavirus many times you must have tried to know whose voice is heard in the caller tune? So let me tell you that this voice heard on Callertune is from Jasleen Bhalla. Jasleen is a voice over artist.  It is also in many other languages.

how to remove corona caller tune

Due to this coronavirus pandemic people will be suffering from last 8 to 10 months. I’m because of this situation the interaction among peoples will be reducing and most of them are not connected to each other and because of that they are using Telecom communication. But even they are also people start become disturb because of the coronavirus caller tune which are provided and regulated by the government to to ensure and give general guidelines to the general public to use the mask regularly and sanitize they are hand on a regular basis. And because of this people starting to oppose on this caller tune on social media.

And because of this problem people start getting annoyed and demanding to discontinued this caller tune. But government does not say anything about it yet. This caller tune is very long and pretty much quite annoying for the general public during the emergencies call. Let’s tell you that people start searching on internet about how to remove this ringtone on the phone. And because of that on August 15 20 and according to the Google the top 5 most asked question in that month is how to remove caller tune of Corona.

This shows that how annoying and upset are people about this caller tune and because of that many social media sites claim that pressing one button is help to stop this caller tune but this does not help them a lot. After that and till now people start asking regular questions about how to stop this caller tune and if you are one of them people then with the help of this article will tell you how to remove this caller tune from your phone.

how to stop corona caller tune in bsnl

If you are a user of the government telecom company BSNL, then you can easily turn off this corona callertune. Prepaid and postpaid users of BSNL can easily stop this corona virus message on their mobile. For this, you will have to send a message from your mobile phone to UNSUB on 56700 or 56799 and this caller tune will stop

corona caller tune deactivate code in airtel

If you are an Airtel user and want to know how to stop corona caller tune on airtel then you also have to dial a number to turn off this caller tune of Corona. For this, Airtel users will have to dial * 646 * 224 # from their number. Then press 1. . For this, when you make a call and you hear a corona tune, immediately press * or 1, this will stop the corona message.

how to remove corona caller tune in jio

If you are a Reliance jio user, and want to know how to cancel corona caller tune in jio then you will have to send a message to STOP from your mobile number on 155223. After this, the corona caller tune will stop being heard on your live number. Apart from this, it can also be closed by pressing * or 1 when the corona caller tune is heard like Airtel users.

how to deactivate caller tune in vodafone

Like other telecom users, Vodafone-Idea (Vi) users can also turn off Corona Caller Tune on their number. For this, Vodafone Idea users will have to send a message to 144 by writing CANCT from their number. After this this corona collar tune will stop. Apart from this, like Jio and Airtel users, in Vodafone Idea it can also be closed by pressing * or 1.

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