Battleground Mobile India Pre registration for iOS – iPhone & iPad

Battleground Mobile India Pre registration for iOS

The preregistration for battlegrounds mobile India has started on May 18 Tuesday in India. All the excited gamers can pre register themselves for the game by visiting the Google play store or by visiting the official website of BGMI that is battlegrounds mobile India. Although the preregistration has only started for android users, the iOS users are confused why the pre-registration process has not started for iOS users. Here is the detailed information for the battleground India ios, battleground mobile ios, battleground mobile India in ios, BGMI Pre registration link for iOS i.e. Battleground mobile india pre registration for ios.

battleground mobile India ios

Registration of battleground mobile India on 18th May 2021. The preregistration is announced for android users at the moment but it will be soon started for iOS users as well because many iOS users are waiting for BGMI on iOS. A majority of PUBG mobile usersWere android phone users hence the company has rolled out the police station link for android users but they have not stated that the preregistration link for iOS users will be released at what date. Below is the full information regarding battlegrounds mobile India pre-registration link for iPhone and iPad.

Battleground mobile India pre registration ios

iOS users will have to wait a little longer as compared to android users as Krafton has only released the pre-registration link for android users which can be done by visiting the Google play store and the official website. So far the availability of the game on iOS has not been stated by the company but iOS users can expect the launch of the pre-registration link before the first week of June as the game might release on 10th June 2021. The reason for the 10th June 2021 release date has been stated below but before that let us tell you whenever the battlegrounds mobile India pre-register link for iOS releases we will provide you the link as soon as possible.

Bgmi pre registration link

We will activate the below-given download link once the official iOS pre-registration link rolls over for the Indian users. Just click on the below-given link and pre-register yourself from the App Store and become the first ones to play the game when it launches officially on iPhone and iPad.

Bgmi pre registration ios -> Click here

Battlegrounds Mobile India launch date

Battlegrounds mobile India release date: Many gamers want to know when will Battleground Mobile India arrive? As of now, the launch date of Battleground India Mobile has not been announced officially but there is a huge possibility of the game being launched will be launching on 10th June 2021. We are saying this because on 10the June there’s a solar eclipse and the game’s new low resembles solar eclipse as well. Check the official new logo of Battleground India mobile which was launched on Battleground mobile india pre registration official website i.e.

Battlegrounds Mobile India launch date

Battleground mobile india pre registration date has been announced which is 18th May 2021. Although it is for android users which can do the pre-registration from  Google play store as the battleground mobile india pre registration link is live now.

Size of battleground mobile india

The battle ground mobile India’s size will be around 1– 2GB. India car battlegrounds utilises the full capabilities of unreal engine four which provides fantastic worlds augmented 3D sound and graphics.

Battlegrounds India Requirements

  • Requires a stable internet connection.
  • BATTLEGROUNDS MOBILE INDIA recommended system requirements: Android 5.1.1 or above and at least 2 GB RAM memory.

Above we have given information regarding battleground mobile india for ios, battleground mobile india ios pre registration link & when will battlegrounds mobile india release in ios.


Will Battlegrounds Mobile India be available on iOS?

Yes, the preregistration will be available on iOS in the final month of May. As of now, only android users can register themselves by visiting the Google play store.

Is pre-registration free for battleground Mobile India?

Battlegrounds Mobile India is a free-to-play game that can be downloaded from Google Play. You also do not have to pay anything to pre-register. The game is set to release next month.

How do you pre-register for PUBG in India?

To pre-register for the game, go to the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store and search for PUBG: New State. This will alert them when the game is ready to play. Once customers have pre-registered, the game will also auto-install on devices connected to Wi-Fi.

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