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In Lockdown 4.0, the Maharastra government decided to open a liquor shop, after which a long line was put on the shops. People are also opposing this initiative of Maharastra government because all the districts of Maharastra are in the Red Zone. There have been more than five thousand cases of corona virus infection in Maharastra. To reduce the congestion at the liquor store, the Maharastra government has launched an e-token system, so that liquor shops should also be open and people do not have a fair. The Maharastra government has launched an e-Token system for the sale of liquor in the national capital. This decision has been taken in view of the crowd at liquor shops so that social distancing can be followed.Liquor home delivery in mumbai

NoQ Token Maharashtra districtRegistration StatusApply Online
1AhmednagarNot AvailableHere
2AkolaNot AvailableHere
3AmravatiNot AvailableHere
4AurangabadNot AvailableHere
5BeedNot AvailableHere
6BhandaraNot AvailableHere
7BuldhanaNot AvailableHere
8ChandrapurNot AvailableHere
9DhuleNot AvailableHere
10GadchiroliNot AvailableHere
11GondiaNot AvailableHere
12HingoliNot AvailableHere
13JalgaonNot AvailableHere
14JalnaNot AvailableHere
15KolhapurNot AvailableHere
16LaturNot AvailableHere
17Mumbai CityYet to StartHere
18Mumbai SuburbanNot AvailableHere
19NagpurNot AvailableHere
20NandedNot AvailableHere
21NandurbarNot AvailableHere
22NashikStarting SoonHere
23OsmanabadNot AvailableHere
24PalgharNot AvailableHere
25ParbhaniNot AvailableHere
27RaigadNot AvailableHere
28RatnagiriNot AvailableHere
29SangliNot AvailableHere
30SataraNot AvailableHere
31SindhudurgNot AvailableHere
32SolapurNot AvailableHere
33ThaneNot AvailableHere
34WardhaNot AvailableHere
35WashimNot AvailableHere
36YavatmalNot AvailableHere

Home delivery of liquor is going on in Maharashtra. The Excise Department has given permission for home delivery of liquor in the state with conditions. The department has also issued guidelines for this. Apart from this, in some places the Excise Department has also started e token system as an experiment to reduce the congestion at liquor shops. Due to the violation of social distancing in Maharashtra, the government closed liquor shops. Coronavirus infection is increasing rapidly in Maharashtra.

Due to this, economic activities are stopped due to the announced lockdown and the government treasury is also being emptied. In such a situation, the Maharashtra government had given permission to open liquor shops in the midst of lockdown, but there was such a rush of people at liquor shops that the rules of social distancing flew away. After this, the government had ordered the shops to be closed. Now on Tuesday, the Maharashtra Excise Department has allowed home delivery of alcohol with some guidelines and precautions, which are to be followed during home delivery.

Key Points to be highlighted in Q token Mumbai

Maharashtra Excise Department has asked for home delivery of liquor with necessary guidelines and precautions. Which are as follows-

1. Shops that have licenses will also be allowed to sell beer, wine and light liquor.
2. The liquor store will have to decide how to make home delivery of liquor.
3. Home delivery of liquor in the state will be done only during the period of corona lockdown.
4. Home delivery shops of liquor in lockdown have to undergo medical examination of their delivery man
5. It is necessary to give full information of the delivery man to the Excise Department along with the investigation report.
6. Home delivery of alcohol will be required to wear glasses, masks while following social distancing.

How to get liquor in mumbai

The Maharashtra Excise Department has started an online token system as an experiment to reduce congestion at liquor shops in Pune city. Last week, a large number of people had gathered at liquor shops in several places in violation of social distancing rules. A senior official of the department said on Monday that under this new system, people will get tokens after registering themselves on the website of the state excise department and can then go to the shop to buy liquor.

Q token Mumbai Process

Under this arrangement, the licensed holder Vriketa will be allowed home delivery only of foreign liquor made in India such as spirits, beer, mild liquor and wine. The retailer will be able to deliver the same liquor that it will be allowed to sell. The delivery person must wear a mask and sanitize his or her hand repeatedly.

Residents in Pune and Nashik, who can go to the shop on their own to buy alcohol, will have an e-Token mandatory to get alcohol. Alcohol cannot be sold to anyone who does not have an e-token.

To get an e-token, a person who wishes to register will have to go to the state excise department’s portal and register the e-token acquired at the liquor store. A limited amount of tokens are being issued per day. These rules have been implemented to control social mobilization outside liquor shops and to maintain social distancing, to combat corona infection.

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