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The whole country is locked up due to the Corona virus and everyone is locked in the house. But one thing that has to be admired here that telecom operators are giving some new offers to their users every day. Recently, Work from Home was offered, in addition, there are facilities like increasing validity, more data, and lower prices. At the same time, Reliance Jio has brought a new scheme for its users, in which users can earn not only their own but by recharging other’s mobile. Now you must also be thinking about how can this be done, so let me tell you the whole process step-by-step.

What is Jio Pos App?

Jio Pos Lite App is an Android application available on PlayStore. With which we can earn money by recharging on any Jio number. People recharge their live number either online or through an app. Or get the retailer recharged. In which the user has no benefit. Seeing this problem of the people, Reliance Jio launched its Jio Pos Lite App. In this, you can earn a commission by recharging any live number without joining any distributor.

How to run Jio Pos App?

  • After registering, you will again reach the signup and sign up page of the app.
  • Now select the option that has Sign in. After this, enter the Jio number and click on Generate OTP. And add OTP to validate OTP.
  • After this, the page of Setup mPIN will open. First, enter any four-digit mpin in entering mPIN.
  • Re-enter this PIN in the Confirm mPIN. And click on Setup. Now you will be logged into JioPos Lite App.

Note- mPIN will be asked to you whenever you recharge the Jio number from this app.

How to Add Money to Jio Pos Lite App?

First open the JioPos application. Click on the Load Money option shown on the home page. You can also remove it from the menu option on the top left. Then add Ammount as much as you want to add. You must add at least 1000 rupees in the first time. After entering amount, click on Proceed. After this, you will see many payment options. Whichever method you want to add. Can do with that

How to Recharge with Jio Pos Lite App?

  1. After loading money now we know. How to recharge with Jio Pos App For this, click on the Recharge option shown on the home page.
  2. The option of Enter Jio number will be found. Here you have to recharge any number. Enter that number and click on Submit.
  3. After this, you will see all the plans of Jio. As seen in My Jio App. Whatever plan you want to recharge. Select it and click on BUY.
  4. Now Mpin will ask for whatever mPIN you have set in it and click on Proceed. By doing this, your recharge will be done successfully.

Note: – With this app, you can recharge only on Jio Number.

What is the Jio Pos Plus Commission?

  • When you recharge or add money to it before recharging. Then your commission also gets added.
  • In this, you get a commission of 4.16%. Like you load 100 rupees in it. So 104.16 rupees will be added to your account. You can recharge this commission later.
  • But for the first time, you will have to add 1000 rupees. Later you will be able to add 200, 500, 1000, 2000 as well.
  • Now you must have understood how to earn money from the Jio Pose Lite app.

How to do Registration in Jio Pos Lite App?

Now how do we register in Jio Pos App? And after this, we will know how to recharge our Jio number.

  • First of all download the Jio Pos Lite App from the Play Store on your phone.
  • Open the app, now it will ask for permission, click on Allow All and make it allow.
  • Now you will see the option of Sign in and Sign Up. Then click on jio pos plus login.
  • Now you have to enter your E-Mail ID first. After this, enter your Jio Number.
  • In the next option, if you want to create Jio Pos Plus Id, then choose the Activation Partner option. And
  • If you are just registering to recharge, then select the Recharge Partner option and click on Generate OTP.
  • If I just want to recharge then I will do it on Recharge Partner. After this, OTP will come on your number, put it and click on Validate Otp.
  • Please enter your name and email id first in entering Your Detail.
  • Now click on Choose Your Work Location. After this, you will be redirected directly to the map
  • You will ask for permission for your location, make it ok. After this, tick the box of Allow RJIo to Access Your Location. And click on Done.
  • Now tick both the box below. If there is a Referral Code, then tick the first box and enter the code. Then click on Continue.
  • Now your registration has been successfully done.

Features of Jio Pos Lite App

  • Load Money: – With this option you can add money to this app.
  • Recharge: – To recharge on any Jio number, you have to go to this Recharge option.
  • Fiber Lead: – In this option, you can get information about Jio Fiber Lead by entering your details.
  • Change mPIN: – If you want to change your currently set mPIN. So with this option you can change it. For this, first insert Current mPIN, then New mPIN and then Confirm mPIN and save it.
  • Forgot mPIN: – If you forget your mPIN. So with the help of this option, you can set a new mPIN by contacting.
  • My Customers: – In this option, you can see all the recharges you have done.
  • My Earning: – Any amount you have earned will appear in this option.
  • Upgrade and earn more: – With the help of this option you can upgrade your account from Recharge Partner to Activation Partner.
  • Passbook: – In this option, the number of times you have loaded money and recharged every detail will be visible.


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