Energy conservation drawing competition 2020 – posters painting

Energy conservation drawing competition 2018
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World energy conservation day is celebrated every year on 14th December. The main objective of this day is to vigilant people for energy conservation and it’s sustainable use. Drawing competition is one of the way to celebrated this day.

How this competition will held

This competition will held in three phases first at school level than state level and at last at national level. The students are divided into two groups Group A and Group B on the basis of their class standard, 4th, 5th and 6th standard students belongs to Group A and 7th, 8th and 9th standard students belongs to Group B. In the end winner will get the certificate and the prize.

Energy conservation drawing competition

Themes Options

Different themes were also decided on the basis of students standard, which are mentioned below –

For Group A
Energy is life, Conserve it.
Saving Energy, a bright idea.
Saving Energy for sustainable life.

For Group B
Save Energy for others.
Conserve Energy, Save Nation.
Wind, Water, Sun Energy for Long run.


Prize Distribution under PEDA

State/Union Territory Level

AwardsGroup AGroup B
First PrizeRs 20,000/-Rs 20,000/-
Second PrizeRs 15,000/- Rs 15,000/- 
Third PrizeRs 10,000/- Rs 10,000/- 
Consolation (10 nos)Rs 5,000/- Rs 5,000/- 

National Level

Awards No of PrizesAmount No of Prizes Amount
First Prize(1 nos)Rs 1,00,000/-(1 nos) Rs 1,00,000/-
Second Prize(4 nos) Rs 50,000/- (2 nos) Rs 50,000/- 
Third Prize(8 nos) Rs 25,000/- (3 nos) Rs 25,000/- 
Consolation (10 nos)(10 nos) Rs 10,000/- (6 nos) Rs 10,000/- 

Nodal Officers List 2020 for painting competition

You can check list of State/UT Nodal Officers from the given link.

Instructions for Students :

  • Students can use any paper (A4 size) and pencil, pencil colors, crayons, water colors.
  • Use of collage work is not permitted.
  • The participating students will get a ‘Certificate of participation’ and 1st & 2nd selected will get ‘Certificate of Merit’ which will be signed by the respective school Principals and Director General, Bureau of Energy Efficiency, Ministry of Power, Government of India.


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