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BIMS Login kerala
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In this article, we are going to tell you about BIMS Login Portal. This is an online portal that is launched and regulated by the Financial department. This portal helps to regulate and handle treasury activities. bims meaning Bill Information and Management System portal is regulated in Kerala. Bims online portal is basically an e-bill portal that helps in the Claim Settlements by Drawing and Disbursing Officers (DDOs). This portal helps to prepare online contingent bills and also E- submission bills with the help of BIMS. So let us tell you about bims Kerala treasury portal

What is BIMS login?

Let us tell you the full form of BIMS is Bill Information and Management System.

BIMS Kerala Treasury Portal

BIMS is an online portal of the treasury department of Kerala regulate by the financial department. This portal is basically an e-bill portal that helps in the Claim Settlements by Drawing and Disbursing Officers (DDOs). This treasury portal help to prepare E- submission bills and contingent bills online with the help of with help of this portal Drawing and Disbursing Officers(DDOs). you will be able to access this portal with the help of a login ID and password. Mainly this portal is used to preparation of digital online bills which is related to the nonemployee claim in the analogy which is to prepare for employee-related bills using the spark application. If you want to know how to login in bims treasury you just need to read further. Below we mention all related details regarding this portal.

Bims Kerala login Features

BMIS is an important and very essential portal that is used to create online bills related to the treasury department of Kerala. Below mention is the key features of this portal

  • This portal eases up the online treasury activity and helps to create contingent bills.
  • With the help of this portal, DDO can easily approve TR 59E online in the portal.
  • This portal also allows you to TR 59E submission related activity in the treasury department.
  • This portal contains all bills related to activities like bill book and current bill status.
  • After login into this portal, you will be able to create an Expenditure Report of the Drawing and Disbursing Officers.
  • bims portal is easy to use and most important contains major details related to treasury sectors.

Scope of BIMS

  • BIMS helps to ease up the process of creating contingent bills.
  • The BIMS portal is also used for the scholarship process.
  • This portal is also allowed for Payment of credit.
  •  BIMS also manage the advance bill settlement.

How to login BMIS

  • If you want to log in to BIMS you need to visit or you can just simply CLICK HERE to visit.
  • In homepage, you need to login.
  • The user name of this is the ten-digit code of DDO.
  • Password will be added in the ten-digit code.
  • After added you need to choose DDO in the dropdown of the role and click on the login button.

BIMS CONTACT NUMBER can be checked by visiting the official website. You can email your problems and grievances on Email Address: [email protected]

forgot password bims treasury

Treasury bims: If you forgot your login password so don’t worry you will be able to retrieve it. You will be able to reset your password and create a new password of your choice. you just need to submit your request to Treasury Officers of Kerala.

The Government of Kerala has made a Diagnostic management system which you can at login