Aditya Birla Bal Bhavishya Yojana

Aditya Birla Bal Bhavishya Yojana

From the time of birth of a child, parents started saving money or making investments for their future needs but it is not always possible to do so because of their family’s financial conditions and hence they have to face various problems. Keeping such things in mind Aditya Birla Sunlife started a new scheme called “Bal Bhavishya Yojana” in order to help investors to meet the financial requirements of their child.

Aditya Birla Sun Life Mutual Fund for childrens

As a child grows their financial needs also increases like higher education, career goals, marriage which all the important aspects of their life. It is not always possible for every family to do savings for their children as for their future needs. This scheme helps them to do investment over a long period so that there would be no hindrance occurs during their child higher studies and for their marriage as well, so their dreams should be nurtured properly.

Bal Bhavishya Yojna information

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Through Bal Bhavishya Yojna the parents or investors can do investment for their child future needs for a long period of time, so that they do not have to depend on any other person for taking money and from financial institutions in terms of loans. Under this scheme the fund offers two investment plans namely the wealth plan where 65 to 100% of the invested amount would be allocated in equity and rest in fixed income securities,on the other hand in saving plan 75 to 90% of the invested amount allocated in debts and money market securities.

Bal Bhavishya Yojna Investment Objective

The main objective of this scheme is to aware people about the concept of investment for their children so that they do not have face financial problems related to their child higher studies, career goals and marriage. This scheme allows the investors a long time period to make the investment which help them to meet the future financial requirements for a child.

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