NSS Day Celebration Ideas – National Service Scheme Posters, Decoration Ideas for Students

NSS national Service scheme is a scheme that is operated by the Ministry of youth affairs and sports ministry of our country. It is controlled by the government of India and is highly beneficial to the students who are doing their senior secondary education in which they are provided the opportunity to participate in the community service activities. Every year NSS day is celebrated on the 24th September. Every student that takes part under the NSS program is looking forward for the special day to celebrate with their fellow mates and their teachers. For that we are going to provide some of the very best NSS day celebration ideas which includes posters, images, logos, banners, pictures and collages for the students and teachers.

NSS day celebrated on whose birth centenary year ?

The NSS was officially launched on 24th September in the year 1969, on the birth centenary year of the Father of the Nation – Mahatma Gandhi.

How to Celebrate NSS Day

NSS day celebration 2020: As we know the motto of NSS is Not Me But You. On this very special day we are going to present some of the most innovative and great ideas for the celebration of NSS Day and nss activities in college & NSS activities ppt. Below we have provided the best ideas for the nss day activities for nss day 2020.  In order to celebrate the NSS Day program the following celebration ideas can be followed by the students.

Innovative ideas for NSS

NSS day celebration activities: If you are also celebrating NSS day in your education institution, then you should definitely check out these ideas which we are going to present. The ideas are a collection of various cultural activities and community services for the benefits of our society. Students can Conduct various type of competition cultural activities which includes presentation, NSS Day Speech competition, drama presentation and essay writing etc.


NSS Volunteers can do plantation in the nearby surrounding areas of the school and educational institutes. Plantation is a very important yet and essential part of NSS day because it reminds us of our cultural heritage to plant more trees. This not only helps our environment but is an essential part of this Day. So volunteers can plant the trees in the nearby areas.

Speech to create Awareness

NSS volunteers can participate in the speech competition in which awareness for topics like environment protection, aids prevention, youth development good food habits etc. Speaking on these topics will not only encourage participants but will also create awareness among the audience as well the students.

Social Distancing Awareness

As we know Coronavirus Pandemic has made life of everyone very tough. So in this tough time we need to encourage and create awareness among as many people as we can.

  1. Volunteers can visit nearby slum areas where creating awareness among the local people by giving them mask and providing them proper information of social distancing is essential.
  2. Volunteers can also conduct nukkad Natak in order to create awareness by making it more fun for people.

NSS day posters

NSS day posters

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