National Integration Day

National integration day

National Integration Day is celebrated as the birth anniversary of India’s first women prime minister “Indira Gandhi”, this day is celebrated every year in India on 19th November. This day is celebrated to enhance love and unity among people of India. On this day various activities like National Integration Camp, National Youth Festival are conducted. This day is celebrated every year in order to encourage people about unity, love and brotherhood.

National integration day in india

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In India National Integration Day is celebrated by conducting different activities and programs in offices, school and at government places. National Integration Day aims to develop good understanding among youths about diversity, faiths and lifestyle of people. National Integration Day is also known as Quami Ekta Divas. National Integration Day gives us the message that if we are unite we are strong. On this day the office members of different department get together at one place to take pledge for common harmony in society and then on the statue of late Prime minister flora tribute is given.

National integration day speech – National integration day essay

India is a country with huge cultural, religious and linguistic variations. Every Indian state is different with the other in cultures followed and languages spoken; thereby, making India one of the largest culturally, ethnically and linguistically diverse nation in the world.

India has a population of 135 Crore (as on 1 November 2018); which constitute people following four major (Hinduism, Islamism, Sikhism, Christians) and various other religions (Jainism, Buddhism and other religions having ethnic roots). This is not all; India is home to 645 tribes with each one having its own beliefs, languages and culture.

India is also home to at least 2000 major ethnic groups, speaking 780 different languages; a feat only second to Papua New Guinea with 839 languages.

How can so many people with different religions, culture, ethnicity, speaking languages which they don’t mutually understand; live in peace and harmony, following a uniform law? What binds them together to make India the largest successful democracy in the world? The answer lies in the spirit of unison that they share irrespective of their religion, culture or beliefs.

It is this spirit of togetherness and unity that we celebrate on ‘National Integration Day’.

The date for the celebration has been decided to be 19th November every year, which is also the birth anniversary of Smt. Indira Gandhi; independent India’s third and also the first woman Prime Minister.

The day was chosen to honor her for the efforts she had made towards the technological and social development of the nation during her tenure as the Prime Minister. She did a commendable job in improving India’s foreign relations with world powers and also promoting home based organizations such as ISRO (Indian Space and Research Organization, was established during her tenure) and DRDO.

Smt. Indira Gandhi was also instrumental in creating job opportunities for youths and implementing programs like ‘Anti Poverty Programs’; for the upliftment of the poor of India and bring them to main stream. Such programs were implemented throughout India, which further strengthened the trust of people in a central government.

National integration day slogans

National integration promotes strength and power of the country. Share on X National integration builds the power of togetherness. Share on X Through national integration comes peaceful co-existence. Share on X National integration is a unifying force. Share on X National integration gives the power for economic development. Share on X National integration bestows peace and harmony upon the nation Share on X National integration gives economic prosperity. Share on X India exemplifies national integration through peace, trust and harmony. Share on X

National integration day quotes

We are only as strong as we are united, as weak as we are divided. Share on X We are each other's harvest; we are each other's business; we are each other's magnitude and bond. Share on X Let’s get together and feel all right Share on X When there is no enemy within, the enemies outside cannot hurt you Share on X

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When national integration is threatened the nation is in danger. Share on X

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Unity of the citizens strengthens national integration. Share on X

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