How to Block a Number in Jio Phone – Block Contact on JioPhone Keypad

How to Block a Number in Jio Phone

Today we will tell you how you can block a phone number on your jio mobile phone. The best among the keypad mobiles is the jio mobile phone at this time. You will find the features of this phone much better. It is mandatory for all companies to have a blacklist option on their mobile phones. This option is available on mobile phones for the convenience of all users. In this case, Jio is also available on the phone. The way to block a number in Jio Phone is slightly different from the rest of the phone. So you have some difficulty in blocking the number. How to put Jio Phone Number on the blacklist? Here we will give you information about how to put  Jio Phone Number in Blacklist and how to Unblock Number in Jio Phone. If someone bothers you with unnecessary calls on your Mobile phone. So blocking his number is the only easy solution. But for this, it is also very important to know about how to block contact number in Jio Phone.

How to block number in jio phone

Do you want to know How do I block a number on my Jio phone without Jio security app? Then follow these steps and block the unwanted callers.

  1. First, you have to go to the jio chat icon on your jio mobile phone.
  2. After that, you will see an option, click on below. Then click on the setting.
  3. Now after clicking settings, an option will appear on your screen security privacy.
  4. After clicking, you will see the blocked contact icon tap on it.
  5. Now you select the mobile number which you want to add to the list, then you select it.
  6. Then tap on ok to confirm.
  7. If you want to add a new contact to the block list, on the new tab, type the number and the name, and then tap on Block. Tap ‘OK’ to confirm.

In this way, you can block any unknown number on the jio keypad mobile phone by putting it on the blacklist.

If you want to block any number from your Jio phone, then you must first save that number inside your contact. After that, you can block that number as described above. If you want to block a contact, you can do so in this way. The contact block list systems inside the Jio phone are different from the phone. You get block systems inside the phone almost inside your call log.

How to block a number in jio phone using JioSecurity?

The call blocking feature by JioSecurity is available only on Android 4.4 or above phones. So, JioPhone cannot use the JioSecurity feature to block calls. Jiophone runs on KaiOS Operating system hence the Jiosecurity app is not available on the KaiOS and is only available for android phones. All the websites which are claiming that users can block numbers in the JioPhone keypad by using JioSecurity are providing false information.

Lots of people are having common queries like jio phone me number block kaise kare, where is jio security app in jio phone, how can I block a number on my jio phone without jio security, jio phone blacklist download. The solution for all these queries have been given above. Apart from this you can also check Camera Fingerprint Lock Jio Phone, if you are a jiophone user.

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