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Gogone WhatsApp

WhatsApp is a very famous and most used social networking app around the world. WhatsApp is used by almost every person in our country. We use the application to connect with our friends, family, colleagues, etc. The application is free to use and can be used anytime with the help of the internet. WhatsApp has many awesome features that let us chat, video call, and view the status of our known contacts. Although, WhatsApp is totally free and has many features but the app still lacks many features that are provided in this very special app named as Gogone whats tools app. This app is developed by HogaToga. Today we are going to tell you more about this wonderful application.

Gogone whats tools app

The Gogone WhatsApp is an amazing application that has so many features that we can’t find in the usual WhatsApp application. The main motive of this app is to increase User Experience.  So, there is absolutely no need to download multiple applications to get multiple features for WhatsApp. Gogone app provides ultimate features that will help you to enhance your WhatsApp user Experience.

Gogone whats tools app

Gogone WhatsTools app lets you use more than one WhatsApp on your smartphone. Apart from this, you can chat with any unsaved number on your phone. You can set WhatsApp status and caption of your own choice like Funny, Love, Fitness, Motivation, Sad, Life, etc. Use the Gogone app to save all your contacts WhatsApp status on your mobile phone.

Gogone Whats Tools App Download

You can download the Gogone Whats Tools App on your android mobile phone for Google Play Store. The application can be downloaded for free. Follow the below-given steps so that you can download and use the app.

  • Firstly, visit the Google Play Store and search for ‘Gogone Whats Tools‘ in the Search Bar or download it directly from here ->Download Now
  • After clicking on the download button, the app will download itself.
  • Prior to downloading, wait for the app to get installed.
  • After this, you can Open and use it for free.

Gogone whats tools new features

The app has many amazing features that we are going to tell you below. Let’s check the best features which the app provides to get a better experience of the app.

Walk and Chat

This app is very unique and it also has very unique features. One of the best features that we personally like is Walk and Chat feature. This feature lets you chat while walking freely and it tells you on which street are you walking. You can check on the screen on which street are you walking at the moment.

Unsave Number

This is also a great feature as it lets you chat with any person directly without saving the contact number. It works just like a direct message. Send messages without saving the phone number.

Text Repeater

You can send huge text messages to someone and send it once again if someone ignores you. It works like a reaping sentence, so whenever someone ignores you simply send the long text again to the person.

WhatsApp Cleaner

You can clean the numbers of your contact list separately, without any problem. This is a very useful tool for WhatsApp.

WhatsApp Status Saver

The WhatsApp status saver lets you save any image or video that has been put up by your contact as status indirectly in your gallery. Isn’t it an amazing feature.

Text to Emoji

This is also a nice feature as it gives you many special stickers to use on WhatsApp. Use the app and avail many amazing stickers and emoji.

Caption Status

Directly upload Caption Status using the Gogone WhatsApp tools app and impress your friends with this fantastic feature.

WhatsApp Shortcut

Just shake your phone and use WhatsApp on your phone freely. This app lets you use the app and use it as a shortcut just by shaking it.

WhatsApp Gallery

Save any media to your phone directly in your mobile phone gallery. This app is famous because it lets you download the media to your phone freely.

Fake Chat

Fake chat feature will let you save any VIP number in your phone and this will let you shock your friends. This feature will show fake chats from celebrities and VIP Persons.

WhatsApp Scan

WhatsApp scan is just like the WhatsApp web that lets you use multiple apps on one phone. Simply scan it and use more than one account on your phone.

Ascii Faces

Ascii Faces can be found in this wonderful app just like angry, funny, love faces.

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