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Ayudha Pooja Invitation to Employees – Ayudha Puja Celebration Invitation at Office Letter & Template

Ayudha Poojai 2020: Ayudha pooja is one of the most siginficant religious festival occur during nine days of navraatri. This festival is basically celebrate in kerala, karnataka and tamil nadu. this festival is occur in the ninth day of sharad navraatri. in this festival. it is also known as ashtra puja.which means worship of instruments. ayudha pooja is generally a religious part or dashara, durga pooja and golu festival in india. in this day all type of instruments, equipments and tools are worshipped. Let’s check some of the Letter for Ayudha Pooja Celebrations, Business Letters for your Company/office/factory which can be downloaded in pdf format.

Ayudha Pooja Invitation to Employees

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Sending a warm invitation to you to grace
us with your presence in our Company/office/factory ....
as we celebrate Ayudha pooja and
get ready to welcome happiness in our lives
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Dear Employees,
I invite you to the auspicious Ayudha pooja
to be held at office premises.
Let us celebrate the festival together and
welcome the God prosperity in our lives
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Draft an email to employees to invite for Ganesh puja

To my friend, sending the Ayudha
invitation message for the Ayudha pooja
at my place. Do arrive and join me in
welcoming the elephant God for luck
and prosperity in our lives.
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Invitation for Ayudha pooja at office


October 17th, 2020 Wednesday

Dear Sir/Madam,

We are very glad to inform you that “THE HOLY AYUDHA PUJA” is going to be held on October 18th, 2020 Thursday at ………………… On this occasion we are cordially inviting you to attend the festival. Your active participation and mutual co-operation would make the grand ceremony successful. Hoping your presence would add to the joy and increase the glamour of the day.

Puja Committee

Ayudha pooja invitation letter

Door Number and Street Name,
Area Name,
Town Name – Postal Code,
PHONE : 0000-00000
FAX : 0000-00000

17th October – 2020

Reference No. : CR / DGM / PER / 136-2008

Subject : Ayuda Pooja Celebrations

Employees are hereby informed that Ayudha Pooja celebrations will be performed in our office on 17th Oct. – 2020 at the main office hall at 4.30p.m.

As such, employees are advised to suspend their work at 2 p.m. and start cleansing their systems and table. For this purpose the company has hired some outside help to assist.

Pooja packets will be distributed from 5.30 p.m. at the reception after the celebrations. Coupons to collect the pooja packet can be obtained from Mr. Christopher – Officer H.R. from the morning hours on that day.

Cooperation of the employees is solicited.

Your Name
General Manager H.R.

Note : Invite the children of your employees to the pooja. Make it unofficial. For this purpose make use of your secretary (your mounth-piece) to pass the around. That is what the secretaries are there for. When the children arrive, invite them whole heartedly, present each child equally, be it the sun/daughter of your attendant or a senior executive. This will strengthen the employer-employee relationship in addition to pleasing the young minds. Thus, it will enable you to retain your employees.

Cc : security – Please permit employees’ children

Ayudha pooja celebration at office invitation

Sending a warm invitation to you to grace
us with your presence at durga Temple
as we celebrate Ayudha pooja and
get ready to welcome happiness in our lives
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The best time of the year has come
again and we get ready to celebrate
Ayudha pooja, I invite you and
your family to come and join us for
the celebrations at our place.
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Ayudha pooja celebration invitation

Dearest friend, inviting you to the Ayudha pooja
this Friday at the community hall.
I hope you will arrive to welcome and pray
god of prosperity for luck.

I/We invite you all to the Ayudha pooja
to be held at our locality tomorrow from
11 am onwards. I would await your gracious
presence to join us in praying the godess durga
and ask for blessings for
prosperity of all.

Ayudha pooja invitation template


Ayudha Puja celebration invitation at Office

To a close friend, sending
invitation message for the festival in
the Ayudha pooja. Join me in the
festive celebrations to seek blessings
of prosperity from the God

Just with his presence, all the wishes
come true, all the problems vanish….
On the auspicious occasion of Ayudha pooja,
I invite you and your family to
experience his eternal love at our place

Ayudha pooja invitation format

To a special friend, I send this Ayudha pooja
invitation to welcome you to my home
for the festival tomorrow. I eagerly look
forward to you joining me in the celebration.
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Dearest friend, inviting you to the
Ayudha pooja this week at the
nearest mandir. I hope you will arrive
to welcome and pray Lord of prosperity for luck.
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Ganesh Chaturthi invitation in Marathi

बाप्पाच्या दर्शनाला सोशल डिस्टन्सिंगचे नियम पाळत निमंत्रण देण्यासाठी खास आमंत्रण पत्रिका

नमुना 1

ॐ श्री गणेशाय नम:॥

कोरोनाचं संकट घेऊन जाया विलया

गणरायाकडे प्रार्थना करत भक्तीभावाने म्हणूया बाप्पा मोरया

लॉकडाऊनच्या नियमांत घरीच राहूया

सोशल डिस्टन्सिंग पाळत गणरायाचं दर्शन घरूनच घेऊया!

22 ऑगस्ट सकाळी 8 वाजता श्रींची प्राणप्रतिष्ठा

आरतीची वेळ – दुपारी 12 आणि रात्री 7.30 वाजता

दर्शनासाठी या लिंकवर क्लिक करा-

आपला नम्र,

नमुना 2

ॐ श्री गणेशाय नम:॥


सालाबात प्रमाणे याही वर्षी आमच्या घरी दिनांक 22/8/2020 रोजी … दिवस आपल्या लाडक्या गणरायाचे आगमन होणार आहे.तसेच त्या निमित्त सत्यनारायणाची पूजा आयोजित केली आहे.तरी आपण सर्वानी सहकुटुंब सहपरिवार येऊन दर्शनाचा पूजेचे लाभ घ्यावा.

आपले नम्र

In simple messages and text, you can say you are cordially invited to attend pooja of Ayudha. Above we have stated the information regarding how to make ganpati invitation card, E-Invitation Cards For Virtual Celebrations, Ganpati meeting notice and ganesh pooja invitation message in marathi

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